Cloud Architect


Manager at APLL (2014-Present)

Oracle OTM team lead, product owner, cloud solution architect and digital transformation for agile implementation of TMS (Transport Management System), Tableau dashboard for data analytics and Control Tower for Asia region.

Business Process Analyst at CrimsonLogic (2012-2014)

Core member of $30 million dollar project to develop a one-stop business licensing portal, integrating more than 250 business licences from 18 government agencies in Singapore.

Senior Business Analyst at MSCS (2010-2012)

Core regional team to align freight forwarder strategic direction for the improvement of supply chain with Agile SDLC. Provided consultancy services and support for Asia-Pacific (APAC) and China.

Senior Web Developer at CashShield (2009-2010)

Led a team (~4) to develop the eCommerce payment gateway, fraud detection and risk management products with Agile methodology.

System Engineer at NYK Line (2006-2007)

Seconded to NYK Line (Shipping) Business Process Management (BPM) Team as Business Analyst/Help Desk for Asia (excluding Japan) to support global system implementation and eCommerce.

Senior Software Developer at iCo-op (2006-2006)

Led a team of developers (~4) to develop compliance solutions for banking and financial institutions e.g. Anti-Money Laundering and risk management systems with Agile methodology.

Program Engineer at WPG Electronics (2004-2006)

Core member of a Supply Chain Management (SCM) business unit to formulate IT initiatives. Built Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with open-source full stack LAMP/WAMP development using Agile methodology. Championed CRM adoption for Asia-Pacific (APAC) offices.

Software Engineer at ASA (2002-2003)

Solution design of Graphical User Interface (GUI) system integration of new semiconductor machine in R&D department using User centric and Agile methodology. Provided support for global customers.

  • Chatbot Development
    Chatbot developers will be a new breed of developers equipped with technical and social skills. After all, chat is a language based UI. Unlike typical development, Chatbot development needs constant tweaking and modification to improve bot behaviours. Chatbot developers are also required to understand social behaviour and interactions.
  • Adaptive Cards 101
    While dabbling with MS (Microsoft) Teams Chat, I realise adaptive cards are being using for their bot framework. That will explain why “\n” or CRLF is not working on its chat display. So, if you are working with MS Teams bot. You will need to look into adaptive cards UI. Now, there is another new UI framework to have fun!
  • Chatbot Channel
    Chatbot can be challenging for the different channel unless you are going for full text display. Channels are chat application like WhatsApp, Teams, WeChat, Telegram or LINE, Users are so used to text formatting and GUI that they are spoilt for these display. Chatbot channel is like the days of SMS where you can only display limited important text is a straight line.