A Kid Lesson in Simple or Complex User Interface

Recently, I had an interesting conversation with my son regarding his exploration into computer. He happily shared that his friend told him how they could fix the computers when their PowerPoint freeze the screen.

This was what he narrated.
  1. PowerPoint slides freeze.
  2. Right click.
  3. Task Manager
  4. Click any applications.
  5. Desktop is shown and they could access Windows.

So, I shared the adult way
  1. Windows logo key + D


Son response

And the Mac Way
  1. Mission Control 4 Fingers Swipe Up.


Son response

Obviously, my kid was not impressed compared to what he had shared to me. From this incident, we can perceived how we are expert with complex steps while the present single combi button or single mouse gesture is nothing short of a noob!

Should we continue to simplify technology in reaching out to “noobs” or be guided by limited expert with complicated steps?


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