A Quick Recap of My Consumer Satisfaction Research

It was 2009 when I had published my first paper Multi-Dimensionality of Overall Consumer Satisfaction – Socio-Technical Perspective. Fast forward more than a decade later, I feel it is a good time to do a quick recap to see if the gaps I identifies are still relevant for 2021 and beyond.

✅ Multi-channel Environment

Looking at current trend, Multi-channel environment have been the correct identified settings in the research direction. However, Multi-channel is now superseded by Omnichannel. This shows that the divide between online and offline contexts are now almost negligible and encompasses various physical location, virtual world, formats and applications. You could check out OmniChannel Marketing: The Roadmap to Create and Implement Omnichannel Strategy For Your Business for more information.

✅ Overall Consumer Satisfaction

A decade ago, the measurement of satisfaction was often done with satisfaction survey that was laborious and time consuming. With so many satisfaction types identified in the conceptual framework, it was nearly impossible to collect all these data. With the advancement of technology in data analytics, it is now easier to collect data to measure these satisfaction variables. The conceptual framework is more relevant and be measured in the real world.


Overall, I am happy to see that gap of multi-channel have been superseded by omnichannel and measurement of overall consumer satisfaction is made possible with data analytics. However, more can be done to made easier for users to setup on how we can improve overall consumer satisfaction across omnichannel. One such method is to use machine learning to compute the satisfaction index based on the identified satisfaction variables and suggest improvement recommendations.


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