Netflix, TV and Cloud Musings

What do Netflix, TV and Cloud have in common? In a way, they represent a behavioral change in users. Needless to say, I am one of those who have spend more time on Netflix than using my TV. It leads me to wonder if my TV is now a display relic in my house. This invoke a reality check in my traditional IT skills.

TV and my cable set top box

Cloud skills are like Netflix. To me, it is a positive change from traditional IT to evolve to new paradigms. However, not all companies have been quick to embrace the Netflix model and suffered badly with this change.

Profiles pics in Netflix

From user view, there has been very low barriers in making the switch from TV to Netflix. The Netflix model is designed to be simple for any users who are using a mobile phone. Similarly, cloud skills are actually much simpler that its traditional counterparts. Anyone who are familiar with internet can easily pick up cloud skills.

So, why are there a quirk of companies in acquiring specific cloud skills? Isn’t it much cost effective to allow existing resource to learn and acquire the needed cloud skills? After all, we don’t really need much help to learn and watch Netflix! 🤭

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