Green Public Transport in Singapore

There is a hype of news in Singapore over the switch to Electric Vehicle (EV). Consumers are also encouraged to take the Public Transportation. Ironically, there is less awareness and emphasis on Green Public Transport and their Sustainability Programs.

Sustainability Checklist
  1. Sustainability Program stated on Organisation website
  2. Sustainability Strategy for the next 5 years.
  3. Clear and public disclosure on the information of Transportation Fleet owned, be it Electric Vehicles, Hybrid, Eco Friendly or Combustion Engine Vehicles.
  4. Estimated Published Carbon Footprint generated by Transportation Fleet.
Quick Rating

Using the checklist, I do a quick survey on the overall landscape of Singapore Public Transportation organisations. This is their ranking in terms of their Sustainability program.

  1. ComfortDelGro
  2. SMRT
  3. SBS Transit
Public Transport with NO Sustainability Program on their Website
  1. Tower Transit – No Sustainability Program in Singapore but present in UK
  2. Go-Ahead Singapore
  3. Transcab
  4. Premier Taxis
  5. Prime Taxi
Simple Thoughts

Out of 8 public transport operators, only 3 have clear sustainability program. Only ComfortDelGro have achieved all the items in the simple checklist. On the other hand, the rest do not have clear indicators to their sustainability program. It is obvious more should be done with Green Public Transport. This observation is also consistent with my Commentary on Singapore Budget 2021 Clean and Green Transport. While debates rages whether consumers should change to EV or not, there is a more pressing need to educate Green Public Transport on existing transport operators.


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