Are you ready for TMS?

Transportation Management System (TMS) is gaining popularity with the need of data visibility. In reality, digitalisation has its fair share of issues that are not related to technology. This is a simple checklist to evaluate your readiness for TMS implementation.

1 min TMS Readiness Checklist
  1. Do you use data to forecast your transportation supply and demand?
  2. Do you manage long term contract to mitigate fluctuations in transportation capacity?
  3. Do you have dedicated TMS team?
  4. Do you have sustained growth in your TMS team?
Review of Checklist Results

If you answer all yes to checklist, you are likely ready to look towards using TMS to automate your transportation operations. If you do not have answers to some of the checklist, maybe it is time you look to planning for them. After all, TMS is about people, processes and system. It is not just implementation of system like a magic pill and expect to get the results instantly.


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