TMS and Sustainability

Sustainability is the key objective of Green Logistics. With TMS, it is easier to obtain visibility to your transportation needs and move towards Green Logistics. However, this is complicated by the newness of sustainability and lack of resources in this area. So, how do you incorporate sustainability into your TMS?

Sustainability Strategy

Always start your sustainability step with a strategy.

  • Communicate a clear sustainability objective for TMS. If you aim for all, you may end up with none.
  • Sustainability is a team effort and cultural change. Conduct sustainability workshop and awareness for all levels involved with TMS.
  • Have a realistic checkpoint for each sustainability implementation in TMS. Get clear indicators and data for monitoring and improvement.
Green TMS

The switch from traditional TMS to a Green TMS will come with a significant investment. Do not be afraid to throw and reinvent new processes that encompasses sustainability. There could be old features that work well in the past and will be detrimental to Green efforts. Usually, it will take years to fully transformed into Green Logistics. However, you can never be late if you start your baby steps to Green TMS now.


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