Sustainable Value Creation

With growing trend of Sustainability topics, I recently have an interesting read on Sustainable Value Creation (SVC). Value Creation is defined as benefit delivered to consumers from existing capital, in short Value = Benefits − Cost (cost includes economic risk). Borrowing from this definition, SVC refers to the value creation in a sustainable way.

The subject touches SVC from the perspective of CEO in major organisations. Not surprisingly, the top ranked SVC is brand, trust, reputation and revenue growth. Thus, I feel that it will be worthwhile to apply this concept using my perspective from an end consumer.

Consumer SVC
  1. Organisation must provide adequate cost-benefits analysis of Sustainability vs Non-Sustainability to consumers.
  2. Organisation must give clear transparency on sustainable efforts and processes.
  3. Consumers must easily recognise Green Standards for Organisation e.g. ISO 14091, Adaptation to climate change – Guidelines on vulnerability, impacts and risk assessment.
  4. Consumers shall be given incentives to be Green instead of being penalized e.g. Carbon Rebates vs Carbon Taxes.
What do you think should be your SVC?

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