TMS Challenges Checklist

Transportation Management System (TMS) challenges are constantly hounding traditional organisations. Like Digital Transformation, it faces its fair share of challenges during system implementation. This is a simple checklist to evaluate the challenges you are expected to face in TMS implementation.

  1. Is TMS your main business?
  2. Do you have legacy TMS that are different from global TMS?
  3. Are there more than 3 stakeholders involved beside the TMS operational staffs?
  4. Is there a clear TMS strategy provided by your business team?
  5. Do you have TMS subject matter expert (SME) in your organisation?

Providing the answers to above checklist will give you a clearer picture of where your TMS implementation is heading. By having answers to the checklist, you will be better prepared. You may realise that TMS is also a digital transformation. That is why there are many similarities in the challenges. Do not make the mistake of executing TMS with just IT involvement!


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