Oracle ODA Composite Bag

After pulling my hair in Oracle ODA intro, I strive onwards and continue my foray into the deep pit of ODA (Oracle Digital Assistant). Today is my first attempt to try out the ODA entities. There are variables in ODA that are described as Entities like real world data format. In this module, there is a cool feature called Composite Bag.

Source: Oracle

Composite Bag allows you to fill in variables grouped in a “bag”. There is also a neat feature to let you auto resolve entities via the chatbot. It really sounds very cool but getting it to work is harder than I thought.

For example, a composite bag for a pizza might include entities for type, size, crust, and extra toppings. If a user enters “I’d like a large pepperoni pizza with a gluten-free crust”, the skill could extract “large”, “pepperoni”, and “gluten-free” from that input and not need to prompt the user for those values individually.


As this is a new concept to me, the sequence, flow and placement of the code is important. It takes me a while to reference the pizza template repeatedly and changing the variable to what you have. In the end, I manage to get the auto prompt working! Code wise, it is much elegant than my individual variables.

However, I hit issue to display the bag details. Grrr. I must retry pizza example to analyse how to display Composite Bag details. Another side note is that I have yet to test composite bag for REST or integration. That will be another battle!

Not sure if Oracle heard me, please include auto complete in the syntax and flag the flow error for YAML!

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