Social Considerations in being Tech-enabled

Digitalisation and technology have permeated our lives. COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated this process. The digital divide is growing wider and faster. Although our younger generation grow up in a tech enabled world, it will take decades before the entire world become tech enabled. There must be social considerations in our path to Tech-enabled economy.

Checklist of Social Considerations

  • There must be the capability to share and unshare information by content owner.
  • Organisation do not own the content by content creator.
  • The collection and usage of information must be transparent.
  • Content must only be monetised with consent.
  • Parental controls must be enabled for all content.

In a non-physical world, social considerations are often neglected. The rights and protection of data must be continue to be emphasised for tech-enabled world. We should also protect our young ones who should not be exposed to the information for their age.


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