Data Gap

Have you ever heard of Data Gap? This is a common issue from legacy application and processes. Data Gap are missing data in a required dataset. They are hidden risks to the Organisation and incurred unnecessary cost. In my latest project, data gap is the single biggest contributor in the support ticket. So, what and how can we do to remove Data Gap?

Signs of Data Gap
  • Increased support tickets with data updates as resolutions
  • Additional fields in manual process vs existing fields from integration.
  • Mismatch of data fields between source and target system.
  • Added requirement of data translation and exception logic used in integration and reporting.
Ways to handle Data Gap
  • Harmonisation of data for source and target system.
  • Business process reengineering of existing SOP (Standard Operating Procedures).
  • Removal of dead fields and update requirements to automate missing data retrieval
  • Change management of users to identify and manage Data Gap

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