Digital Transformation and Migration

I find an interesting item while decluttering. This item reminds me of digital transformation and migration. So what have these two subjects have in common?

Digital Transformation of Legacy System

Digital Transformation comes at a much steeper cost if you have legacy system. The key consideration is what you should and able to transform. Although there are many consultants who can advise on the subject of digital transformation, very few can tell you what you can transform in relative to your existing legacy systems. This creates a dilemma of whether to starting afresh or maintaining your legacy systems. Inevitably, you will need to consider migration approach instead.

Migration of legacy system

The decision on migration of legacy system is typical of big organisations. However, this comes a huge risk which are common to all migration project i.e cost and duration. Do start with a simple checklist before you make this decision. They may increase the success rate and decrease the migration costs.

  • Do you own all the source codes or the capabilities of your legacy system?
  • Can the pilot migration be completed within 3 months?
  • Are you practicing Agile or DevOps approach?

It is a simple checklist but difficult to achieve. Experience shows that duration is proportional to cost and greater success is achieved with quick deployment. In-house SME or Agile DevOps will ensure you can handle any migration constraints between legacy and your transformed system.


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