Global TMS Localisation

TMS (Transportation Management System) is a system that is specific to the local countries. It may be a challenge for many to solution this as a global system. However, the trick is to know which part to localise your global TMS. Here is a sneak preview on my cookbook to globalise your local TMS.

  • Your global TMS must be configurable to handle localisation.
  • There must be good TMS SME (subject matter expert) to guide the localisation.
  • TMS SME also act as key change agent to manage the localisation process.
  • Train local Champion in the business unit.
  • Outsource TMS solutions prudently and insource your localisation knowledge.
  • Localisation is more than system requirements, you must also understand cultures, habits and even local norms.

Many organisations do not have a formal localisation teams. Do invest to train your resources on the importance of localisation. Often, these requirements are not stated and only surface during usage. Thus, an experienced implementer will consider localisation for TMS.


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