Is Data Analytics a White Elephant?

Data Analytics do have lots of promising usage. Soon, you realise that you will need good processes and action plan. Having a data analytics team that is disconnected to your business processes, operation team or application team is literally a white elephant.

Data Analytics in Silo

You will often see organisations setup Data Analytics team under the direction of sales and marketing. Often, the key focus of this team is the presentation of fanciful dashboard for top management to present to the CEO or the board. The data used are usually financial without engagement from the ground.

Data Analytics for Compliance

As many would encountered, Compliance team will highlight and suggest solutions for data in discrepancies. Data Analytics will seek to cleanse and translate the flagged data into a more complying nature. The end results are usually alerts and notifications for data discrepancies. As no root cause or SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) are in place, alerts will remain as alert with no further actions in place.

Building a Data Analytics team is not about creating pretty dashboards. You need SME (Subject Matter Expert) to engage a change management program and effect action plan. Do conduct sound RCA (Root Cause Analysis) instead of enhancing to cleanse the data.


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