Gaps of Digital Innovation

The hype of Digital Transformation give rise to a sudden demand for digital innovation. So, what are really digital innovation? Why do organisations race to hire IT to enable digital innovation? While there are quick wins, the rush have created gaps in IT Industry like we never seen before.

No One Left Behind

The first key gap we see is the sudden jump in the technology fit between legacy and innovated systems. Suddenly, systems are divided across the on premise and cloud world. How do we ensure “no one is left behind”? What will happen to the investments made to legacy system?

We Need More Bridges

The second common gap that widen a lot is the lack of expertise and resources who specialise in “bridging”. The digital innovation demand creates more focus on newer technologies and knowledge. As with all innovation, this drastic shift introduces huge gap called chasm. The challenge to bridge both ends involves expertise that are lacking in today resource crunch.

The Dilemma of First

Due to the existent of legacy applications, the switch costs exponentially increases for organisations who have invested heavily. Ironically, these are the same innovative organisations which jump first to the bandwagon. Do you have innovation culture to embrace these technologies? Unfortunately, many now compelled to adopt first and evaluate later. Will you be the first?


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