Challenges for TMS Change Management

Like all system deployment, TMS (Transport Management System) will create a ripple effect and changes in daily Operations. You will see Operations flagging issues on the system. Your hypercare team will be swamped with CR (Change Request). The root cause could be a resistance to change. Thus, you may require change management.

Who are my real users?

It is common to see TMS implementation in a top-down approach. Often, the project members who participates are not the real users of TMS. There will be middle manager who give requirements although they are not the daily users. Thus, you should not be surprised to see gaps during Go Live! Be ready to face your real users when they are unveil after System deployment.

Agile Solution for Change Management

A good change management will now require Agile team to manage the changes. When Operations provide exceptions scenarios and gaps, SME (Subject Matter Expert) team using Agile can respond best to these requirements compared to Waterfall approach. When you solution, do consider a solution for change rather than a fixed requirement.

Preemptive Buy-in

The most common excuse given for not changing the operational procedures for the new system is “麻烦” (troublesome). These are obvious signs of ignorance and resistance from “users” during requirements workshop. The best method to handle such project member is to preempt and buy in the relevant stakeholders.

It takes a few cycles of TMS deployment to develop effective change management. While human behavior remains the constant barrier to new system, we should adapt, peeempt and solution for such “troublesome” changes.


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