OTM Screen Issue

The slowness of OTM screen loading is a known issue. This is worst in Asia with some offices having lower internet speed and network. As a result, OTM is not suitable for deployment for such areas. Have you ever wonder how to solve it? A common approach is to increase the server CPU or network bandwidth. You may even try to upgrade the user laptop or proposed faster browser.

Root Cause

The root cause is due to the SQL used to generate the screen. You can turn on your logs and include the SQL option for the log file. Get the SQL used in the slow screen and run explain plan for it. From the results, you will notice the root cause is caused by the usage of sub tables like status and refnum.

Simple Ways to Fix

Before you go and upgrade your server and network, you can try the following simple ways to improve the screen loading.

  1. Reduce usage of status and refnums in screenset.
  2. Use VPD. This will constraint the query data.
  3. Add domain name in Screenset criterion.

If you have any other good ideas to speed up the screen loading, drop me a DM.


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