Singapore Phase 1.5

Papa, Singapore is in Phase 1.5.

Ethan Kwok

Today, I have an interesting discussion with my little son over dinner. He exclaims on how he and his friends name the new tightened measures on COVID-19 “Phase 1.5”. Just a week ago, Singapore went back to Phase 2. Yet, the numbers keep increasing despite many had been vaccinated on the frontline. What goes wrong?

Photo by Ethan Kwok
Cracks in Phase 3

A rollback is typical of system deployment. We can view virus like bugs in the system. Another example is Matrix where Neo mutated and evolve. Vaccines are usually developed on known virus. Many become complacent when vaccinated and goes back to business as usual. Unknowingly, vaccines becomes a two way sword for human mindset. The vaccines are working. The implemented phase 3 is successful. Humans are the variables. Cracks are formed and this seeped through via humans.

Lesson from Deploying New System

Like all new systems, users will challenge the new system with old ways. COVID-19 measures are designed with fixed assumptions, rules and laws. However, it is obvious that some measures are vague in nature and leaves room for interpretation. Working from Home is such measure which have been always subjective and interpreted very broadly. With new processes, human behaviour will naturally select the shortest and most convenient methods. Ironically, the cracks appeared in places with “stringent checks” like hospital and airports.

The monitoring phase after Go Live is the most challenging part of system deployment. We will always aim to let go and get to steady state in the shortest duration. However, can the vaccines turn around fast to solve new bugs that evolved? If no, what is the contingency? The end result is a rollback until new measures comes in place. Vaccines 2.0!?


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