Co-Located Scrum

With remote working from Covid-19, Scrum is now more co-located than ever. Stand up meeting become daily call in concall. Scrum emphasis on inspection, discipline and self organising teams, usually within same location and time zone. So, how should you adapt Scrum to to cater for remote working?

Photo by Ethan Kwok
Challenges of Co Location
  • You cannot have daily stand up meeting daily.
  • High discipline teams members are required to deliver on time daily.
  • Your team must increase synergy as they cannot bond face to face.
  • Stick it notes have to be digitised.
Tips for Co-Located Scrum
  • High self organising capabilities is required of team members.
  • Scrum master will need to manage co-located synergy.
  • Scrum will need to move to digital platform.
  • Teams size will be preferably be from 3 to 7 instead of 9.
  • Teams within same time zone is preferred.

Scrum is a simple yet difficult Agile framework for many teams. For co-location, a digital Scrum platform is essential. Another key aspect is the high professional capabilities that is required of team members. Without those, co-located Scrum is likely not to succeed and is a common reason not to Agile.


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