Running Cost of Data

Data permeates everywhere now. You may notice that more service providers are starting to charge for data storage and usage. Is data not free and created by you? Unfortunately, data do add up to big running cost. Why will you pay for the running cost?

Data Running Cost

For a layman understanding, your data running cost will mainly consist of the following:

  • Storage
  • Maintaining the storage
  • Resources to maintain the storage
  • Archival and housekeeping
  • Security and Privacy
  • Data transfer and exchange

Data as a Service

Paying for all the running cost of your data do come up to a significant amount. In fact, most of the data may not be required often and could be duplicated elsewhere. Data as a Service (DaaS) is gaining popularity for on demand data. Now, you can avoid spending hefty running cost for data like your data analytics. Instead, you can opt for DaaS to achieve similar objective.

The running cost of data is a growing concern for many as we move towards digital transformation and data analytics. You may consider DaaS as an option to reduce your cost and achieve the same desired outcome to your data analytics initiatives.


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