Testing Solar Energy in HDB

Singapore seems to have a whole lot of solar energy that we can tap. This is what we thought so since we get sun all year round. Is it possible to setup solar energy in a HDB flat (Singapore Public Housing) ? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Thus, this is an alternative energy that you cannot utilised in HDB.

Converting Solar Power

You will imagine solar power can power your house and save your electrical bills. After all, most HDB flats are facing the sun in some time of the day. In reality, solar cells have very low efficiency in its conversion to electrical. The best you can do is charge your battery pack after placing in the sun for many hours. You will also need full exposed area for your solar cells.

Storing the Power

Another issue is the storage of power. This usually require battery packs. If you compute the amount of electrical usage, the time to charge and store a single battery pack. You will end up a lot of batteries around your flat. For HDB, this is not allowed. This is because many solar panels or battery packs will a fire risks.

If you are looking to setup solar power in HDB in Singapore, you are better off buying solar from the energy providers. Of course, this cost much more than conventional energy source. It will be a few years before consumers can utilise solar power as in the movies.


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