Alternate TMS Transport Mode

The transport mode for TMS (Transportation Management System) is getting diversified due to demand of delivery services from the COVID-19 pandemic. Beside the usual truck, vessel or rail, you will see specialised last mile TMS delivery mode like motorbikes bicycles, or even walking. How do you cater to this alternate transport mode?

Extension or Transform

A way to relook into these alternate transport model is to extension or transform your business model. Extension is a classic method that involves leveraging existing product platform by upgrading and tweaking existing model. The pros are lower cost and lesser change impact. However, you will be constraint by your existing TMS technological landscape. The trending way in 2020s is digital transformation of your TMS. This involves relook of your TMS platform in the face of pandemic with these transport mode.

Masterdata Impact

The organisation business model will change to cater to these transportation services. One of the major change is masterdata setup. The default product model will be different from the conventional setup. Can you apply the same masterdata method for the new transport mode? The answer will be yes and no. Yes, some of masterdata model can be applicable with standard capacity like your truck or rating model of parcel with weight or trips. A major no will be related to the relevance of some masterdata type like location. Location becomes more transaction based at address level more than a masterdata.

COVID-19 pandemic creates new opportunities for digital transformation for TMS with alternate transport modes. Contactless deliveries are driving the logistics and TMS vibrantly. We will expect to see more changes in TMS.


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