Cloud or Later

Many applications have been shifting from on premise to cloud. There are many debates to whether your application should shift or not. A fact that exist is that all products will be on cloud for the next five years by 2026. This means you shall start preparations for your applications to be deployed to cloud. What does this mean to product owner?

Photo by Ethan Kwok
Cloud Architecture

The anticipated shift to Cloud will create a major change to your product architecture. This will pose a huge risk to your application when you have to move to Cloud. Another change impact is your customisation that is done to your application. In Cloud, the level of customisation is usually restricted to REST or API calls.

Ways to Cloud Safely

Rather than a Big Bang approach, you can consider to transform your customisation into cloud first. Another approach is adopt new add-ons on cloud instead of deploying them on premise. Digital Transformation of legacy applications or customisations are tedious and time consuming. Do consider building your insource cloud capabilities in preparation of your “D-Day” to Cloud. Agile is a must because Cloud will throw up surprise in your shift.

The shift to Cloud is inevitable for many. Debates will only determine if it is now or later. Rewards will goes to those who are well prepared and self reliance on their Cloud capabilities.


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