Just In Time Documentation

Welcome to the paperless and Agile era! Finally, we can forego the need to print files of user guide and documentations nobody read. We also get many requests on the rows and columns on the documentation that non users wanted. Do we really need to generate so much documentation from Agile project?

JIT Documents

Unlike waterfall project, agile do not advocate documentation as deliverables. Instead, documentation is part of the process and can be provided as needed. This retain timely information and just in time efforts. There are even software that auto generated code documents if commented properly. Thus, agile document if required, not must required. Of course, you must also produce documentation promptly if asked!

Why JIT?

Document is the code.

In reality, documentation is good to have and help me to reconcile the thoughts and the codes. The best documentation from a technical view is always the code. However, this approach may not fit well with many Waterfall requirements. This is where JIT comes in play. Timely, current and just in time!


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