OTM QuickStart Configuration

If you are familiar with OTM (Oracle Transportation Management), you will be overwhelm with the features. Thus, you may want quick way to jumpstart your solution configuration? There are some quick tips that comes with standard OTM solutions.

Basic Start

OTM comes with many default settings that you can quickly use for your setup and testing. Below are 3 basic modules that are used.

  1. Masterdata, the basic setup is itinerary, service provider, dummy rates and locations.
  2. Order Management, create your first orders with the locations.
  3. Shipment Management, you can easily plan your order into shipment with default settings.

The default vanilla OTM is the easiest to setup. There is only a few areas that can go wrong. The most common mistakes usually occurs in shipment planning.

  • Itinerary settings does not match the masterdata setup.
  • Rates setup does not match order transport and mode profile.
  • Bulk plan time emphasis is a constraint for your order pickup and delivery dates. You can set it to NONE constraint instead.

Configurations can be easily setup for vanilla OTM with the above basic settings. This is very useful for migration or upgrade purposes to test that OTM are setup properly.


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