Oracle Email Delivery Services 101

I was testing Oracle email delivery services when I realise certain constraint on the receiving end. One of them is the email security policy of the organisation. This can be quite painful where email services are blocked constantly. Thus, you should not rely on email as your only mode of communication with your customers.

The Good Part

It is pretty simple to setup and test email delivery services. Oracle provide a sample send email on GitHub to be use together with its Cloud functions. Disclaimer that I mention easy after spending days to understand Oracle Cloud Functions and API Gatway. So, I will suggest that you start studying Oracle Functions and API Gateway first before testing Email Delivery Services.

The Constraints

Some constraints I found while testing and it a stark reminder to email delivery failures. A simple list here:

  • You cannot use public email like gmail as your sender.
  • You will need access to your email configuration to update your SPF records.
  • Majority of organisations blocked relayed email.

Some improvement I will like is the ability to setup its own simple mail sender or access to public email as sender. Other features that can be added will standard email test can be trigger on the console, template for responses. The test trigger will remove the need for functions and API gateway setup.


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