Agile Template

Agile templates are getting popular now. There is no need to build many things from scratch. You can easily setup eCommerce shop within a day. Template are developed with Agile in mind and vice versa. Thus, you should start to develop Agile Templates instead of projects.

Why Template

From many legacy applications, templates comes from the ease to reuse and the need to reduce cost. Project is a mash up and gelled need to address a focus objective. In contrast, templates address a particular story point and suit Agile perfectly. Agile team will gain most from towards templates more than previous project implementation exposure.

Shift to Template Management

The role of project manager (PM) will be on a decline as teams shift towards Agile approach. Instead, this role can move to a focus on template management. Some organisations will have similar approach like COE (Center of Excellence). Another big push is Cloud which emphasis a lot on templates for rapid deployment.

The shift in IT landscape is huge for the past few years. The COVID-19 pandemic is also a major push factor in accelerating these changes. We will see more of templates design and model from major cloud organisations. Their template libraries will be the key factor to lock in the customers, including me.


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