Project Boundary Tips

In every project, scope creep is so common that we have to set boundary with project scope. Some users will request for all requirements with no understanding of story point. Others may become information gatekeeper to reveal scope a little at a time. So, how should we set project boundary?

Vague or Clear

Requirements are always vague in project. Clear requirements are referring to known story points. Soon, you will notice that there are often no issue for clear requirements. You should focus to preempt your vague requirements, if you choose to work on them. Thus, this is where your boundary will start.

Far or Near

If in doubt, do KIV. In reality, this is difficult if you are running on a fixed cost outsourced project. You will want to implement as much as possible. This is where you need to draw your boundary as near to the scope as possible. If the boundary is set too far, the likelihood of this scope acceptance will be very low.

Project boundary and scope creep is a never ending push and pull battle. You can decide this by setting the limits of your boundary. Clearer requirements will often lead to nearer boundary to scope and higher success in your project.


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