Agile Is Close Collaboration

You know that your project is not Agile enough when your user collaboration is not as close as you wish! User commitments is high in Agile project. Many have failed to consider the level of commitment required for Agile project.

Collaboration is Mandatory

In waterfall project, the project task is step by step. Users are not involved in all the tasks. On the contrary, Agile requires close collaboration from Day 1 with the users and developers. It is mandatory that collaboration started from start to the end of each Agile sprint. Without collaboration, your Agile will not be effective and you will not face difficulty in completing your story points.

Collaboration is Two Way

In a typical user developer setting, users often steer their requirements to their wants. Communication becomes one sided and left little room for negotiation for the developers. In Agile, users and developers encourages collaboration in a two way communication manner. Users collaborate in a non authoritative way and developers proposed the best solution at the point of sprint.

It is time to educate users when you are running Agile project. Users mindset will need a new change to adopt a collaborative two way communication approach to the developers. This will help to derive maximum benefits from each sprint.


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