Vaccination in Progress

COVID vaccine seems to be a norm now. At the rate the virus is mutating, it also seems that booster shot will be required at a yearly basis. The Covid pandemic have accelerated the development of vaccine at a tremendous pace. How will this impact technologies in future?

Vaccinated Society

Technology are now in place to identify the vaccinated. This will soon creates a divided view on those who choose not to be vaccinated. These technologies also help to automate the access to certain areas. You can view vaccination as a criterion for many activities. Thus, technology will play a key part in the identity of vaccinated person status.

Herd Immunity

Covid will continue to be persistent. Lockdowns will not continue for long at the expense of economy. The aim of vaccination is to achieve herd immunity. Soon, technology can easily profile regions or even countries populated by vaccinated people. Humans may even evolve from vaccination.

The technology to identify vaccinated people are already in place. The push to remove lockdown will speed up the development of these technologies. This gives you a choice to where you may want to visit or travel.


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