Reopen Status

Should we have reopen as our status value? If you are familiar of status lifecycle values, you will realise that this is a very ambiguous status value. If you have the option to reopen, there will be no end to status. This is because your statistics will mess up due to this reopen.

State Diagram

If you are in engineering, you will learn about state diagram. It is a very good concept to manage your status value and its logical flow. Users love to provide various value for your status. Very soon, you may find overlapping status or conflicting status for your application. Give this method a try if you are facing a status meltdown.

Status Tips

Setting good status value is key to analysing your transactions. These are some good tips to setting good status and its values.

  1. Keep your status type to less than 3 if you want to remember the status dependency.
  2. Set your status value in a forward logical flow.
  3. Avoid ambiguous status like reopen that will mess up your statistics.
  4. Do not create conflicted status value for status type like Done for a status and “Pending” for the other.
  5. Always have a start and end state to your status.

Status are key method in all data gathering and analysis. Users may not be the best person to determine the status. You may want to review and use state diagram to illustrate your status flow. Keep in mind the status tips to extract the best results in your data.

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