Digital Supply Chain 101

Digital Supply Chain (DSC) will be gaining a big leap due to COVID-19. As part of social distancing, there is a huge reduction in physical transfer of goods. This leads to various digitalisation outcome. Many of goods and services emerge and evolves into Digital Supply Chain. These industries are involves high touchpoints like media, publishing and education.

Photo by Ethan Kwok
Parts of DSC

Digital Supply Chain have similarities to Supply Chain. The key parts will be the focus on digital components. These main parts comes together to form the Digital Supply Chain.

  • Content Providers
  • Content Delivery
  • Content Security
  • Content Storage
What it Means for Consumers

Goods that can be provided in digital format can be sold quickly via online platform. Consumers will need somewhere to store and access their digital goods securely. Suppliers can extend its reach to get digital goods via supply chain network. A major breakthrough is the usage of NFT (non-fungible token) for Digital Arts, games, music or even collectibles.

We will see more of digital supply chain as I look forward to buying more digital goods. This helps save physics storage space and digital goods can be easily shared to my family.


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