The Strengths of SOP

Today, I have a very interesting discussion on data modification process. There are two integrated systems with a constraint of one system accepting modified data. This is a very standard constraint in many networked applications. How should you overcome this constraint? This is where you need to have a very good SOP (Standard Operating Procedure).

SOP is Cost Effective

A good IT person should always learn business process and how to adapt SOP with system flow. Application does not work on its own but in support of SOP. In most cases, it is more cost effective to handle exception scenarios instead of customising. A good SOP works hand in hand with application. These combinations will lead to a balance trade off on standard applications with different customers.

SOP Simplifies

SOP helps to simplifies many business process. This allows your system flow to be direct and fast. A poorly designed system often exist with no SOP in place. The lack of governance leads to many data errors and system interlocking rules. Thus, you need to think of SOP as the approach to simplify your applications.

SOP exist long before IT have arrived. The full strengths of SOP can be realised in the tightly coupled systems. Without SOP, these coupled systems will hinder rather than accelerate your data flow.


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