Hypercare 101

For the newbie in IT project, hypercare must be a new term. There are many approach to conducting hypercare. It can be confusing over the difference between standard support flow and Hypercare. Often, cost is proportional to the duration of Hypercare. This means that the longer the Hypercare period, the higher the cost. These are some of the standard methods used for you to understand Hypercare quickly.

Hypercare Basic

Hypercare consist of the following basic process and approach.

  • Assurance to fix bugs during the Hypercare period, also known as warranty.
  • Dedicated resources available during the Hypercare period.
  • Quicker turnaround to provide issue analysis similar to DevOps process.
Not in Hypercare

There are a few areas that are not covered in Hypercare. Notably, they are mainly related to changes.

  • Change management are not the scope of Hypercare.
  • User change request will fall outside of the Hypercare scope.
  • The Hypercare only covers the intended system. Related issues that are found to be caused by external system are not within Hypercare scope.

Hypercare is a common term used for project warranty. Like all warranty, it is constraint to the intended system and have conditions. The coverage and duration of Hypercare is proportional to the amount of money you are willing to fork out. Do be aware that Hypercare is not a God Mode that solve everything that happens after Go Live.

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