Why Interpreted Programming Languages?

Interpreted programming languages or also known as non compiled programming languages are getting popular with users within non computer science. You will know these popular interpreted programming languages as JavaScript, PHP and Python. Historically, organisations seldom decide on the flavours of programming languages in an outsourcing model. In today Cloud world, it is worth to consider what your vendors may be using for the programming languages. Why do you need a preference for interpreted programming languages?

Why Interpreted?

A major advantage of interpreted programming languages is ability to read the source codes. It is also lightweight than Java and can easily setup to run without much errors in the development environment. This makes it a great favourite with non computer science users. I am also one of those who have a preference over interpreted programming languages.

Users Self Service

The citizen programming community is getting really vibrant. This will translates to users in organisations. Compiled languages are machine codes and cannot be easily viewed by users if there is an error or bug. You will need to setup the development environment. For interpreted programming, you can self service to read the erroneous codes without the need of complex development environment.

If you are in the midst of Digital Transformation, it is time to review a preference towards interpreted programming language like JavaScript, PHP and Python. You can easily leverage on code savvy users to troubleshoot codes or have full access to the source codes.


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