Art of Monitoring Data

Monitoring data is the most simple form of data analytics. Yet, this is more difficult to implement and the outcome is usually less than satisfactory. Users have the misconception that monitoring data is the same as extraction of data. There is little follow through on what to do with the data. Without clear sense of objectives and outcomes. data monitoring is just a dump and show ordeal and a waste of efforts for developers.

Monitoring Objectives

It is usual to see request to monitor data for sake of monitoring. This request is usually raise by non users who are eager to see how the system performs. These views from these set of users often do not have historically bearing and are based on hearsay or past experiences. You must evaluate and review the objectives on why and what you are monitoring. Be a devil advocate to query the objectives instead of agreeing blindly.

Monitoring Outcomes

There are two key outcomes from monitoring objectives. Do we meet the objectives? Or we do not? Follow through actions from data monitoring is key. This part is often neglected and left to its own devices. Users and Non Users must communicate if the objectives are not met. In a nutshell, the monitoring outcomes and its respective action plan must be clear and actionable.

Learning the art of monitoring data is the first step to learn data analytics. Setting clear objectives are the key to effective monitoring. If you do not have clear action plans, do consider not to waste developer efforts and extract data for the sake of monitoring.


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