Is there a need of Hypercare for Agile SDLC?

Hypercare is a process in Waterfall SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle). It is very similar postcare you receive after a major operation. For many teams who makes the switch from Waterfall to Agile, management still demand the need of hypercare process. Is there really a need for hypercare for Agile SDLC?

Hypercare is Just a Sprint?

Hypercare is often regard as a warranty period whereby traditional waterfall all accommodate a degree of big fix due to scope creep. In Agile, there is no such process. Instead, the deviation. or gaps are recorded in the backlog. The backlog items may be selected for the next sprint. This render hypercare unnecessary in Agile. Effectively, management or users become concern for this missing warranty! Thus, you may find some Agile project do state a period of hypercare. However, this is actually the same as a sprint.

The Emergence of DevOps

Another key reason that hypercare is unnecessary is due to the rising popularity of DevOps. In fact, DevOps functions like a hypercare process with its quick turnaround, speed and rapid delivery. Agile and DevOps works hand in hand and you may consider DevOps in place of hypercare period. Therefore, your users and management will have a similar assurance that is given in the form of hypercare.

It is noteworthy that hypercare may no longer be required in the Agile and DevOps world. There is a need to educate and align users and management on these understanding. This may also include the change in future RFQ or procurement whereby hypercare could be removed. As a result, you will see a lower cost with the removal of hypercare process.


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