Adaptive Cards 101

While dabbling with MS (Microsoft) Teams Chat, I realise adaptive cards are being using for their bot framework. That will explain why “\n” or CRLF is not working on its chat display. So, if you are working with MS Teams bot. You will need to look into adaptive cards UI. Now, there is another new UI framework to have fun!

Why Adaptive Cards

It seems adaptive cards will be used for the MS Teams as the standard for card object. Adaptive cards are JSON serialised object model. This model describes text with images similar like your name cards. Developers can send content in these cards in JSON format. This will mean you can use code with Adaptive card format in ODA (Oracle Digital Assistant) bot framework. The content will be rendered in the look and feel of the host applications like MS Teams. This sounds cool, right?

Designing Adaptive Cards

Adaptive cards will be in JSON format. There is a designer portal which allows you to preview the JSON codes and format. It may take you a while to familiarise with the adaptive cards because it is mainly properties and configuration. You will need a lot of trial and error to render the adaptive cards properly.

Adaptive card is a MS driven approach for target system to share cards into MS products with a better UI. In a way, this provide a richer feel for just pure text in Chatbot. This will also give you a reason to invest in Teams bot framework.


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