Chatbot Development

Chatbot developers will be a new breed of developers equipped with technical and social skills. After all, chat is a language based UI. Unlike typical development, Chatbot development needs constant tweaking and modification to improve bot behaviours. Chatbot developers are also required to understand social behaviour and interactions.


Coming from traditional software background, I soon realise that I will need to discard my old views of UI to develop Chatbot effectively. Your bot platform should seamlessly recognise different queries naturally and combine that information to provide and answers. It is like a conversational approach to address or solve a user query. Technically, this is called natural language processing (NLP).

Chatbot must Agile

Chatbot development must adopt Agile to deploy your bot effectively. Afterall, language comes in different flavours. It is difficult to anticipate your user responses if they are coming from diverse backgrounds and geographical locations. It is recommended to target your bot development using a fixed architecture that enable localisation deployment. This way, you can Agile your bot for different variety of products and users.

If you are starting your bot journey, it is time to approach your chatbot development approach with a different view. You will be expected to adopt NLP using Agile methods.


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