Digital Transform your Legacy System

In the era of Digital Transformation, you will be shopping for new systems or SaaS (Software as a Service). Often, vendors may demo existing product or propose turnkey project can cater to all your needs. Today, I had learnt that a review to replace an existing application with a new application would be shelved. This is because a new system will take 2-4 years to customise or configure.

Cloud Transformation

Moving to Cloud is not a bed of roses if your legacy is heavily customised with no standard SOP across your global offices. You may consider to split your migration into two major steps rather than a Big Bang to Cloud. The first major step is to set a baseline for your Cloud. This usually involves standardisation or even conforming your SOP to the new Cloud platform. The second step is to determine your pilot site to be moved. This increase your Cloud knowledge and helps you understand the pros and cons in Cloud.

Application Consolidation

In a large organisation, it is not surprise to find overlapping applications and products. It is more worthwhile and cost effective to consolidate your applications. These applications may be spread out in different regions and you should always review existing applications before embarking on external review. You will also have the advantages of knowledge and data with your existing application.

Digital transforming your legacy system does not always translate to high cost of buying a new product. You can always opt for SaaS Cloud approach or review existing application to be consolidated. This way, you gain traction and speed to digital transform without wasting time, cost and efforts.


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