Changes for Management

There are times where project implementation often require process changes or change management. The rationale for these changes will need top management engagement. Some changes are anticipated while others happens during production support. You will need to explain these changes for your management endorsement. These are some approach that you can consider.

Explain Why, not How

Management view changes differently from operations or users. Knowing why is the strongest motivation factor to understand the purpose to change. Thus, you should focus to explain why instead of telling how you do the change. These information allows management can debate the resistance of change to reasons more clearly. You will be surprise to learn that most management are not aware on the reasons that system changes bring about.

Positive Change

The users voice towards changes are usually laced with negativity. This is why you must appoint change agent or champion who are positive change drivers. These roles provide hard facts and data to support the change reasons. The data shows how the changes bring about the positive effect. It will refutes the voice of disgruntled users resisting these changes. All the positivity will provide management the confidence to handle changes with users.

Changes for management must have good justification and positivity. Focus on why rather than how. Change agent helps with data and facts to support the positive effects. Do not use the same change management from users on management. Use these tips to adopt for a successful change management.


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