Sustainable Energy Options

Sustainable energy is gaining traction as we move to harness these energy. In Singapore, this can be quite a challenge because consumers are faced with constraints with its usage. These are some factors that could help consumers adopt more sustainable energy options.

Consumer Carbon Tax Rebates

Many of sustainable energy options are more costly than traditional ones. There are little incentive for consumers like me to make the switch. It is a reality that profit often take precedence over sustainability. With carbon tax, rebates are offered for organisations but not consumers. If this option can extend to consumers, sustainability conscious users may make the switch.

Ease of Switching

Another push factor to adopt sustainable energy is the ease of switching to these options. Electric vehicle is one such case study in Singapore as existing infrastructure is not built for electric vehicles. It may even take a decade for the entire country to support electric vehicle usage. Instead, a realistic model will be hybrid vehicle. Consideration must be made to improve on how consumers can easily switch to sustainable energy options.

The dying earth is a reason for the push for sustainable energy options. However, there remains little incentives for consumers to make the switch. Time and cost remains the key factors why consumers rather not adopt sustainable energy options. If we continue to ignore these factors, we can continue to dream about adopting sustainable energy at a snail pack.


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