Cloud and Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation usually move at different stages for each application team in an organisation. This is because legacy system and old process remain entrenched for users. Cloud is a major proponent for digitalisation. What should be the practical approach to use Cloud for your Digital Transformation efforts?

Transform to Hybrid Cloud

Major applications are now offered as SaaS (Software as a service) or cloud application. Thus, your upgrade likely will be conducted in Cloud platform. Due to the timing differences in upgrades, you will encounter the hybrid Cloud approach. This is where your applications is located in both Cloud and on-premise. All digital transformation efforts will definitively result in Hybrid Cloud in your enterprise applications.

Cloud Transition Application

As your building blocks of applications transition from on-premise to Cloud, you will find a need for transitional application These type of software helps as a temporary bridge between on-premises and Cloud applications. Such software could be API gateway, integration platform or even customised applications. This application are not designed for long term. The key focus is to bridge until your application digital transform to Cloud.

Cloud and Digital Transformation will take at least 5 years. You will need to prepare for Hybrid Cloud and create your Cloud transition applications. In summary, it will not be a Big Bang approach to move to Cloud overnight.


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