OTM Rates Model 101

One of key features in OTM (Oracle Transportation Management) is its rates engine. You can setup OTM rates engine into different model. These are the key tips you can use to build your rating model.

TL and LTL Base

The 2 most common rate types are TL (Truck Load) and (Less than Truck Load). You need to have the majority of masterdata to complete these 2 rates model from end to end. The basic masterdata required are:

  • Service Provider
  • Equipment for TL
  • LTL rating by weight or volume
Testing and Building

With this 2 rate models, you can cover up to 70% of rates out there. The next steps are to setup the processes for these 2 rates model. These processes are grouped by:

  • Update of masterdata
  • Loading of rates
  • Testing of rates
  • Expiry and updates of rates

If you are new to OTM, do focus on these basic rate model and know the rate processes well yourself. This will helps your build your confidence before you add more rates model. The processes are the most difficult for users understand and self service in OTM. Follow these steps and you will be rewarded!


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