Is Endemic COVID-19 here?

Singapore plans for COVID-19 endemic seems to be on a balancing act because many have yet to envision how this will be. It will take a few weeks of observations before anyone will know what to do with endemic mindset. Some organisations are quick to restore working in office once the restrictions are relaxed. As usual, the interpretation are subjective as many have learnt to work from home.

Blind Men and Elephant

If your teams are able to function with wfh, there is really no rush to go back to office. This needs are for those who require the office space and equipment. These are the people who have moved their equipments home to enable wfh. If you are to ease into an alternate week arrangement, you will end up being counter productive! Do not be the blind men feeling an elephant. You must have clear view of what you wanted to achieve being in the office.

Endemic Guidelines

A clear indication of endemic COVID-19 is the need to wear mask continuously. Guidelines must be clear and should be reviewed by your team needs. If the guidelines are unclear, adopt a conservative approach for safety. This is true for family with kids less than 12 years old because they are not able to be vaccinated. Another scenarios will be restrictions for high risk people like elderly.

Moving to endemic COVID-19 will take time. Organisation must not be like blind men and the elephant in the haste to resume working in office. Do take a conservative approach for individual needs if you can still wfh. After all, safety first!


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