Force To Cloud

Application migration to Cloud is on the full swing with many applications ending support for on premise version. If you are an product or application owner, you will be caught in countdown to migrate to Cloud version. In a way, you are compelled to go to Cloud or faced with end of support for on premise version.

Cloud Risk

Cloud risk will increase if you have more than 20% customisation for your on premise application. The first order of business when moving to cloud is a “rollback” to product base by removal of your customisation. This is the most challenging and tedious nature of cloud migration. This means you can either remove the customisation or decoupled them from the product.

Cloud Approach

Migration duration is not the time that you should start the cloud move. If you are aware of the EOL (End of Life) date, you can after preparation as early as possible. For many, this risk is only handled during migration project. However, I favored this preparation be done as early as possible. One approach is to decouple the customisation to Cloud. This leave your entire on premise ready for “lift and shift” migration approach. Another approach is to move your new customers to Cloud instead of on premise. You can always scale up when you fully migrate all your customers from on premise.

The advantages to migrate of cloud outweighs the risks. In many instances, you will be force to cloud due to EOL of on premises. You should start preparing to decouple your customisation as early as possible. Do be creative and consider various approach to lower your risk and increase confidence in cloud. In a way, moving to cloud is more of psychological than technical.


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