The Good and Bad of Waterfall Migration

Waterfall migration is the mainstay for on premise application. In recent years, migration is adapting to Agile with Cloud. However, it is common to see conservatives conduct waterfall migration with Cloud. What are the good and bad of waterfall migration?

The Good and Bad of Waterfall

The good parts of using waterfall migration are:

  • Traditional approach with fixed scope.
  • Increased redundancy with development and testing environment.
  • Increased testing and issue management.
  • Tight control of changes from one environment to another.

By using waterfall approach, you need to anticipate these bad situations that will arise:

  • Increased duration from additional environment setup.
  • Increase cost of maintaining and licence costs.
  • Unable to react to scope creep.
  • High reliance to critical path.

While waterfall migration is a tried and tested method, be prepared for longer duration and higher costs due to the environment redundancy.


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