When to Implement User Requirements?

In the world of limited resource and time, we need to evaluate and prioritise when to implement user requirements. There should be clear guidelines on how requirements are prioritise. These are some of a ballpark guideline to give you a sanity check if the requirements are worthy to be implemented.

Requirements Criteria

There is actually a quick way to ballpark the priority of your requirements. One key method is to use ROI (Return On Investment) model. This is usually used together with data statistics to understand the impact and expected returns. Agile based methodology will view the priority for items that maximise value or benefits to the product.

Setup a Checklist

Before you go in depth to design solution to all the requirements that flow your way, it is cost effective to do a sanity check with a simple checklist.

  • Impact of Requirements e.g. high volume vs low occurrence
  • Is there workaround if this is low occurrences?
  • What is the ROI? Is it a positive gain of value and benefits?

It is now a norm to evaluate requirements to maximise the value and benefits. This is usually overlooked due to external factors such as management pressure and voice of customers. You can use a simple checklist to determine the viability of implementing these requirements.


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