What is Project Closure for Agile?

A project closure is a last step in waterfall project. It usually signal the start of financial depreciation. If you are employing an Agile model, the view of project closure will not exist. How should this be justifiable for financial view? You may need to operate in a waterfall agile model to fulfill the financial concerns.

Relating Sprint Review

Perhaps a more appropriate and foreign terms for finance is sprint review. This is the end of sprint. It will take a lot of understanding to educate the financial how sprint review relates to project closure. You may group a few key sprint reviews into milestone for the purpose of financial obligations. A typical grouping could be a major version from sprint. This may usually be a monthly to quarterly frequency.

Agile Closure

The project closure view is different to Agile. The view to close an Agile project will mean the end of product life. You may want to communicate this end as early as possible. This will allows financial to compute from a budgeting standpoint. Thus, product owner may consider roadmap visibility for the product end.

Project closure have a different meaning for Agile projects. Meanwhile, finance numbers remained entrenched in waterfall mindset. It will take a few more years before a sound finance instrument is geared for Agile. For the moment, I will need to use waterfall agile for my reporting and implementation.


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